About the ski jump

The ski jump was officially opened on March 3rd ,2010 and can boast the title of the world’s most modern ski jump. The start house soars around 64 meters above the ground and the construction comprises 100 tons of steel.

- The total length is 96.95 metres
- The steepest point is 36 degrees
- The height of the takeoff is 3 metres.
- The width of the track/track bed is 2.77 metres

Downhill slope:
- The hill size is 134 metres – the K point is 120 metres.
- At its steepest point it is 35.7 degrees, measured after 105.6 metres from the takeoff
- The angle of the hill size is 30.8 degrees.
- The width of the landing slope is 25.2 metres

- The height difference from the edge of the takeoff to the K point is 59.1 metres
- There are around 250 steps to the top
- Holmenkollen ski jump is situated approximately 375 metres above sea level. 

Building materials:
- Tower/inrun construction in steel, grandstands in steel and concrete. A total of 1,000 tons of steel was used in the whole construction.

- Oslo Municipality owns the facility and is responsible for its development

- JDS Architects

Holmenkollen is the world’s most modern ski jump facility.
The newest ski jump in the world
-  The first ski jump in the world with permanent wind protection inherent to its design and construction
-  The only steel ski jump in the world 
-  Cabin lift to the very top of the ski jump for the benefit of competitors, judges, press and public alike
-  The ski jump has permanent wind protection as an integrated part of the inrun construction. 
-  New judge’s grandstand, new royal grandstand and improved facilities for the public.
-  Upgraded light and sound system 


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Nye Holmenkollen er tegnet av JDS arkitekter og ble innviet 3.mars 2010 og kan smykke seg med tittelen verdens mest moderne hoppbakke.

New Holmenkollen is made by JDS arkitekter and opended 3.march 2010. Holmenkollen is the world`s most modern Jump hill.The Jump Tower is about 60 meters above the ground,and there are about 1000 tons of steel in the construction.

The first official competition

The first official competition in the new hill was March 3. The first jumper was the norwegian female jumper Anette Sagen.